Philips brand awareness was virtually invisible as the millennium approached. When first probed, most people thought brand name stood for “a screwdriver” or “the milk of magnesium medicine”. They were advertising too many products, their corporate innovation was not linked to the brand and sales were declining.


To put Philips on consumers “pre-decided” consideration list the brand needed a clear identity. People needed a reason to believe they made better products and that it was a modern line they would be proud to own. The brands core strategic insight revolved around the idea that life can be better with Philips. Technology may be smart, but it’s useless without a smart user. Their corporate ethos “Let’s make things better” became biggest when it’s smallest-revolving around people’s lives. We focused on their “hero” products which made their vast line of mainstream products all seem more advanced.




Brand Awareness Increase


Billion Dollar Sales Increase

Digital — print — Tradeshow — TV